Welcome to Surrey Police , how can I assist you ? As you can see below my employer ordered me to go and Get some more

materials as they have been using  sooooo much over recent years. We just love using this stuff !!




                                                                                                                CORRUPT  ,  LYING  (You know who YOU are)  and  SELF SERVING





                         April 2017     http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/26/woman-set-sue-police-gunlicence-stepfather-shot-mother-sister/

                                  Surrey Police always sooooo consistent.  Noted the really sincere Apol….. EXCUSES they made on tv yesterday, “.we will learn lessons..”

                                  ALL the usual BS that they wheel out after every failure they make . No real apologies, no real discipline, NOTHING but Excuses. No

                                  other organisation that failed like Surrey Police would exist now. Anyway can only laugh at them. I pity the few good officers.



                         March 2017


                                  Yet another “Keystone Cops” investigation  by Surrey Police. 




   Jan 2017         Oh yes Surrey Police are so open and transparent, NOT .They make all the noises but do the exact opposite. I wonder

                                 why they didn’t want to give the information to the Advertiser ? Likely because Surrey Police’s idea of “disciplinary proceedings “

                               is do NOTHING  .Here’s the quote  “”…The Surrey Advertiser requested Surrey Police to confirm the name of each of the officers

    who committed offences during this period and provide information on what disciplinary procedures took place. However the request was

    denied on the basis that the officers names had been released at the time of conviction and are therefore already in the public domain.””.

    What utter  BS from Surrey Police.  Nothing changes, corrupt as usual.



   Oct 2016    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-37635252  Interesting “Perverting the Course of Justice” This will be a

    charge very familiar to Surrey Police they are experts are it.




                                        June 2016   Some advice for anyone contemplating suing Surrey Police ,  or even contemplating prosecuting an officer yourself (Private Prosecution)

   The first thing to understand is that even though they are “the Police” their number one speciality is LYING   even in Court proceedings .They have absolutely

   no compunction whatsoever and the Court’s turn a blind eye to it. They will not comply  with disclosure Rules of the Court, they will hide everything that they

   can even if it means disobeying a Court Order.  You have to drag it out of them.  Another thing to remember is that most solicitors/barristers are not worthwhile

   using. There may be some but few and far between and most will cause more damage to case than assist.    You should also Name the individual Officer or

   Officers ,  Not just the Chief Constable as it is only taxpayers money they are wasting and it is much better to name the actual Officer who perpetrated the unlawful

   act/s as Defendants  with  the Chief Constable perhaps include because of his/her vicarious liability .Much better to name the actual officers. Also you should consider

                               Criminal Proceedings against them and for that I would suggest a good Private Prosecution Lawyer from London like these  http://www.emmlegal.com/  Forget using

   the CPS ,they are on Police side and waste of space for that.   Just remember, your Solicitor might think they will play fair and honest  but I can tell you 101% that

   Surrey Police are inherently DIS-honest and will stoop to any level to try and make sure you do not get “Justice  .

   Not the nice honourable organisation that you MIGHT think that they are.





                                             June 2016    How would one sum up Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner (Surrey PCC) ?. Well looking at the history of who has been

                                    employed by them it is clear that it is just another  “jobs for the boys” organization and nothing really that will assist the public at all .Just

                                    another layer of wasted tax money.  IF ,and I stress IF ,  I ever find that they actually show themselves to be anything but same old same old

                                    then I will be happy to revise my opinion.  I see though that Alison Bolton is Chief Exec of Surrey PCC and was also Chief Exec of the

                                    old Surrey Police Authority. HOW pray tell me is that making the Surrey PCC anything more than a simple name change ,exactly the same

                                    as the corrupt Police Complaints Authority to now IPCC was/is ?. Same people different name. Nothing changes just names.




                                            March 2016  I notice that over £300 has been added on to Council Tax bills for “Surrey PCC” . What an utter waste of taxpayers money

                                  on a totally useless organization. All it means is “jobs for the boys” and all at taxpayers expense.  I hope that if they find someone with

                                   a brain in Government that they scrap PCC’s because all it adds is another layer of rubbish.   I asked them why Surrey Police wasted more

                                 taxpayers money on paying a “top” (well supposedly !) QC/Barrister to represent Surrey Police in the Deepcut Inquest and the best they

                                 could say was “ask Surrey Police” . THAT sums up Surrey PCC, absolute waste’s of space, and money  !  Better to employ some more

                                 Pinnochio’s than waste on Surrey PCC.




                                          Deepcut Inquest February 2016:


                                          One has to ask oneself WHY Surrey Police feel it necessary to make the Taxpayers of Surrey pay for a top QC (Barrister) to defend them against

                                 their likely INCOMPETENCE (again) in the Deepcut bodged investigation ?. If they have nothing to hide why inflict such large cost on the taxpayers ?

                                  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-35523305    Seems that Surrey Police have always been corrupt and incompetent and always will be.

              USELESS PEOPLE .




                                 Surrey Police give man shotguns so he can kill 2 innocent people. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29818868  As “misconduct proceedings” hmm,

    more likely that means “order more whitewash” and delay and delay and delay and delay and forget.


     As was expected by most people the PCC’s are a total waste of taxpayers money and simply more “jobs for the boys” which is kind of highlighted by Surrey PCC’s appointment of an

     old colleague of his as Deputy. Ask a PCC “what is a member of the public” and I doubt that they would know.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-25960131

                                         Carrying on the Police tradition of wasting taxpayers money .


                                        Click this link to read Officers charged ,convicted, investigated (or in rare cases cleared) of criminal Offences ranging from rape to robbery  http://info.fmotl.com/PoliceListV25.pdf


                                 Better order some more whitewash soon. See below link:  http://www.ipcc.gov.uk/news/ipcc-investigators-serve-notices-surrey-police-officers-who-had-contact-jan-mclean-his-death




                                 Better  go and order some more whitewash  http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/police-watchdog-launches-probe-after-woman-dies-in-custody-in-surrey-10292797.html


                                 Yet another sign of Surrey Police incompetence. Do not rely on Surrey Police to protect you , they won’t . Absolute waste’s of space.





                                 The usual hypocrisy of Surrey Police 





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